8 Simple Tips – How To Maintain White Teeth

How To Maintain White Teeth

You can whiten your teeth at home naturally using products you can find in the grocery store. However, the science behind these methods is lacking.

Most whitening products use chemicals to bleach your teeth, which could be a concern for many people. If you want white teeth but also want to avoid the chemicals, this article lists many options that are both natural and safe.

What Causes Your Teeth Becoming Yellow?

Teeth can become dull and lose their brilliant, white sparkle for various reasons. Your enamel, the top layer of your teeth, can become stained by specific foods. Your teeth may also appear yellow if you have plaque buildup on them. Regular cleaning and whitening procedures are typically effective in treating this kind of discolouration. However, the hard enamel can erode and expose the dentin underneath, giving teeth a yellow appearance occasionally. Under the enamel, there is a naturally yellow, bony tissue called dentin.

Tips To Maintain White Teeth After Treatment – Aftercare Tips

1. Avoid Coffee and Tea

It is imperative to start your day with coffee or tea in the morning. However, have you ever considered how they affect your white teeth? These two beverages may discolour your teeth.

Use warm water, or seek advice from a dental professional when you visit. As an alternative to coffee or tea, sip warm plain milk and substitute white yoghurt.

2. Avoid Dark Sauces

Sauces are good during meals. They add taste to your bite. However, be careful with the type of sauce you use. Dark-coloured sauces are not suitable for teeth.

They impact your teeth’s whiteness significantly. Their continuous use can cost you another sum of money. Avoid dark-coloured sauces such as;
• Soy sauce
• Red pasta sauce
• Barbecue sauce

Consider using white sauces in your meal. Additionally, it is advisable to stick to light-coloured foods. These foods don’t discolour teeth. The foods include:
• White rice
• White pasta
• Eggs
• Whitefish
• Cauliflowers
• White cheese
• Peeled potatoes, etc.

3. Avoid Dark Chocolate And Acidic Foods

The majority of people enjoy dark chocolate. Your teeth are affected in what ways? Your white teeth will be significantly affected by dark chocolate.

Caffeine stains teeth, so it contains caffeine. Ask your dentist for advice if you enjoy chocolate but are unsure of which to use to keep your teeth white.

Acidic foods have flavours of orange, lemon, or any other citrus fruit. They enhance the flavour of food but do not help to whiten teeth. Your enamel may deteriorate due to its sour flavour.

Your main responsibility is to take care of your teeth after visiting Hi-Tech Family Dentistry for white teeth. Avoid eating anything acidic or sour. Additionally, heed the advice of your dentist.

4. Use Straws

There is a great advantage of using straws when drinking. The liquid will not pass through your teeth. If you must indulge in juices and other teeth-staining beverages, consider using straws. The drink will directly go to your throat.

5. Brush Your Teeth

Maintaining your teeth’s whiteness needs commitment. Brush your teeth twice daily. Alternatively, brush with regular toothpaste after every meal.

After visiting your best dentist surprise, ask for recommendations on the right toothbrush. Your dentist will inform you of a suitable brush to protect your enamel. After every meal, brushing your teeth will remove any food particles from your white teeth, keeping them clean and healthy.

6. Consider Whitening Toothpaste

There is a wide range of toothpaste on the shelves. If you are unsure which one is more efficient, talk to your dentist, and get help. It is advisable to use whitening toothpaste once or twice a week.

7. Rinse Your Mouth

Don’t forget to rinse your mouth after eating anything, including drinks and candies. It would be best if you have a small antiseptic bottle of mouthwash in your handbag or backpack. Any time you bite on something, you can rinse your mouth to remove food debris.

8. Quit Smoking

Do you smoke? You can’t maintain white teeth by smoking. The habit is not suitable for your general health and your whitened teeth. In case you experience difficulties in quitting, get your doctor’s help on alternatives.

Services You Get from Best Dentist in Hi-Tech Family Dentistry

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• Cosmetic Dentistry – Includes, Veneers, Invisalign, and teeth whitening.
• Preventative Dentistry – Includes Oral Cancer Screening, Cleaning, and Laser Periodontal Therapy.
• General Dentistry – Includes fillings, periodontal therapy, root canal, sealants, dental preventative cleaning, and mouthguard.
• Restorative Dentistry – Includes, Dentures, Crowns, Implants, Overdentures, and bridges.

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