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Advanced Technology used At Hi-Tech Family Dentistry

People have come to expect convenience and precision from modern scientific developments. Dentistry is no exception. Where dentists used to rely on cumbersome drills, they now proceed with air abrasion. The days of mercury fillings, too, are numbered, thanks to the wonders of ceramic restorations. Lasers, cameras, computer imaging… we provide the latest proven resources science has to offer. We wouldn’t call ourselves Hi-Tech Family Dentistry if we didn’t offer a wide range of advanced technology!


Lasers used for soft tissue procedures are appropriate for treatments involving such areas of the mouth as the gums and the inside of the cheeks. They can be targeted very precisely to the area that is in need of treatment, allowing healthy tissue to be left undisturbed. This provides a patient with a more comfortable experience overall, as well as improved outcomes and healing.

Procedures appropriate for this type of laser dentistry include gum surgeries, gum contouring and periodontal treatments. Soft tissue lasers work well to kill bacteria and remove diseased tissue, providing a more hygienic environment.

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If your tooth had a cavity or fracture, a filling was traditionally done to repair it. Normally, the tooth would be repaired with silver amalgam, gold or, more recently, tooth coloured plastic. For small or conservative repairs, these materials worked fine and for decades. Yet, to replace large sections of the tooth, their physical properties often led to a premature breakdown and sometimes loss of the tooth.

If lucky, you can nowadays have a porcelain and gold or pure porcelain crown covering your tooth and giving it back its strength. The only problem is that it usually takes two appointments to complete. The first visit is for the tooth preparation and shaping; also, molds are created for a lab technician to make the crown. Two weeks later, you return to have the temporary crown removed and the permanent one cemented in place.

CEREC gives you the same strong tooth at the same cost, but in one appointment only. If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to visit the manufacturer’s website to learn about case studies and see how the equipment improves restorative dentistry.

Digital X-rays

Our state-of-the-art x-ray equipment delivers a fraction of the x-ray dosage conveyed by older-generation machines while giving better diagnostic films. With one quick, low-dose picture, we get a detailed look at your teeth, the bone in your upper and lower jaws, temporomandibular joints (TMJ), as well as sinus cavities, without putting anything into your mouth. These areas are not examined very frequently by physicians and, like any other part of your body, can develop very serious, sometimes deadly, conditions. We can screen for serious problems and allow treatment at an earlier stage to help avoid them.

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By hugging the tooth and bathing it in safe, near-infrared light, CariVu’s transillumination technology makes the enamel appear transparent while porous lesions trap and absorb the light. This unique caries detector allows the clinician to see through the tooth, exposing its structure and the actual structure of any carious lesions with very “Hi” accuracy.

Similar in appearance, DEXIS CariVu images read like familiar X-ray images — lesions will appear as dark areas. This provides an edge over fluorescent imaging technologies in that there is no need to clean the tooth of bacteria, calibrate the device or become versed in the meaning of multiple colour codes or numeric indicators.

Hi-Tech Family Dentistry is offering CariVu at your next hygiene appointment!

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Velscope® – In-Office Oral Cancer Screening

One North American dies of oral cancer every hour of every day. The disease claims over twice as many lives as cervical cancer.

The VELscope® system is the first device cleared by Health Canada to help dentists see cancerous and precancerous lesions that might not be seen by the naked eye. VELscope® exams may be given as part of an annual or semi-annual dental hygiene exam. The exam is easy for dentists and hygienists to administer, taking only 2-3 minutes. What’s more, it is completely free of pain or discomfort for the patient and it involves no distasteful rinses or messy dyes like some other, much less effective systems.

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