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General Dentistry in Saint John

General Dentistry

For professional general dentistry treatments in Saint John, the Hi-Tech Family Dentistry team is at your service. If you feel a throbbing pain in your mouth, have a gap between your teeth or notice that your gums are bleeding when you brush, don’t wait and call us right away! After a careful examination of your situation, we will be able to determine the most appropriate procedure to make you smile again.

Our general dentistry service includes:
Cosmetic Dentistry in Saint John

Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you find your smile not bright enough? Are you embarrassed by stains on your teeth? In Saint John, Hi-Tech Family Dentistry offers teeth whitening treatments. We also propose crowns, bridges and veneers setting to return slightly damaged or discoloured teeth to a natural appearance. You can count on our cosmetic dentistry services to help you beam with confidence!

Dental Implants

At Hi-Tech Family Dentistry, we understand the negative impact this can have on your self-confidence and everyday activities. We are here to help you rediscover the pleasure of smiling, eating and speaking with ease thanks to dental implants. At our office in Saint John, we only provide implant restoration services for now. If you need our help or want to know whether implants are for you, don’t hesitate to communicate with us!

Teeth Extraction

At Hi-Tech Family Dentistry, our team believes that tooth extractions are a last resort. We will do everything we can to repair and restore your teeth in cases of decay, injury, or infection. Not only is a complete smile a beautiful smile, but it is also a healthy smile. However, we do understand that extractions are sometimes necessary. If our dentist determines that an extraction is the best treatment for your overall oral health, rest assured that we offer safe, gentle, and affordable extractions to Saint John patients.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is used to remove infected, injured or dead pulp inside a tooth. When the pulp is not in good state, it impacts the growth and development of the tooth.

A root canal is the best way to stop painful decay and infection and save your tooth from extraction. Dr. Bella offers a comfortable, stress-free approach to root canals. It all starts with expert diagnosis and our compassionate team.

Pediatric Dentistry

At Hi-Tech Family Dentistry, our team strive for a friendly and inviting environment so that your child and family can feel comfortable while experiencing dental problems. Dr. Bella and entire staff work diligently to make your child’s experience special, fun and memorable. Our dentists and hygienists are experienced professionals to help your children feel at ease when visiting our pediatric dentist in Saint John. We also provide our patients with top-quality orthodontics service to help them have a lifetime healthy smile.

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