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What is Botox

What is Botox?

Botox is a natural and non-surgical treatment designed to relax muscles and eliminate tension. Botox treatment is not a new procedure in the medical field. It’s been around for many years, treating frown lines, wrinkles and other muscular conditions that come with aging. Dentists can also use Botox for therapeutic purposes, such as complications associated with tight jaw muscles, like grinding and clenching teeth.

We Offer Facial Botox Treatment in Saint John

Facial Botox Treatment For Aesthetics

We can provide you with Cosmetic Botox treatments to complement our aesthetic dentistry services. We can address fine lines around the lip area, providing a more aesthetic smile, in addition to preventing or addressing fine lines and wrinkles around eyes or on the forehead.

Facial Botox Treatment For Therapeutic

The ability of Botox to relax an individual’s muscles also has therapeutic applications. It can be used to help patients struggling with dental issues, such as:

• Relief from TMJ/ TMD. By relaxing certain muscle groups involved in teeth grinding and clenching, we are able to decrease the amount of force generated which may help relieve painful headaches and tension in the area and decrease the risk of damage to your teeth and jaw.
• Bruxism — grinding or clenching teeth
• Orthodontic therapy — restraining muscle movement to keep teeth from relapsing
• Adjusting to new dentures by fixing irregular muscle contractions

Botox FAQ


We answer your most common questions about Botox Treatment in Saint John

Botox treatment is painless. However, we may use ice packs on the injected areas to prevent the possibility of swelling and discomfort.

The dentist will conduct a consultation ahead of time with patients to discuss the procedure and address their questions. However, after this initial consultation, a typical Botox treatment session takes less than 10 minutes. This time can vary depending on the severity of your condition, the number of injections you need and your overall diagnosis. Some patients require subsequent visits to the doctor every three months.

The effects of the Botox injections can last up to three to six months, depending on the dosage. Reinjection is needed when the effects start to diminish.

Depending on the injected area and the size of the injected muscle, patients should start to notice results in a few days up to two weeks. The full effects of the injection may take about two weeks to become fully noticeable.

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